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We Review Walk In Bathtubs Types With American Standard Tubs
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Consider the following description of some of the available American Standard bathtubs.

Whatever names that American Standard had used in the past, the same degree of assured quality that they offer some 130 years ago are still present in their bathtubs today. The company offers a huge selection of the different bathtubs that you can choose from. A variety of whirlpool bathtubs are also commendable. The list below will help any homeowner out there in having the correct idea that they can use in choosing and purchasing the best innovative quality bathtubs from the American Standard Company.

The tubs have design that were done extensively, from the simples to the most classic, modern, and contemporary. The color they used comes from the very light tones to the very intense and vibrant ones.

Old Time Type Slipper Style Tub

This tub makes it possible to make the old word and the modern one meet. This tub is the modern version of the old time deep standard soaking bathtubs. This slipper bathtub is meant for relaxation. You can also see a claw foot version of this; while some models can be surrounded by an enclosure that will depend on your choice. And since this is timeless, the designs are also endless.

Whirlpool Bathtubs
This product from American standard offers massage therapy options wight in the comfort and privacy of your own home. They come in one and two person options. These are designed to fit with your bathroom decor since they do not overpower any other designs that are already there.

Walk-In Bathtubs
When there is an issue with the safety of stepping up and over the tub, the walk-in bathtubs will do the trick for you. It will allow you to walk directly into the bathtub using a door. No need to step up and over it anymore; and they are even offered with all the innovations of the company. One product that American Standard can offer is Cambridge 5' Americast Bathtub. Accordingly, Americast is the company’s proprietary, revolutionary alternative to cast iron that is totally more durable. This is 50% lighter and costs less to install. The company owes it to inherent manufacturing advantages. You can see and compare more walk in bathtub types here. Americast bathtubs are made deeper, flatter, and roomier than their usual cast iron counterpart. It has a glossy porcelain finish and full slip-resistant surface.  


With the other bathtubs surfacing in the market now, it is still wise to trust a company with a well-reputed name and standard.

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